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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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or not. topping our news tonight's -- good news to tell you about. two children missing now for more than a week have been found, they are safe. we've been tracking the story all day. they were found shortly before our 5:00 news started. kelly swoope joins with us more. >> reporter: police say the children's mother, danielle wiggins took the children from their foster mother. and the children are 7-year-old tyquan and 3-year-old shaniah wiggins. police tell us that wiggins took the children on february 26th and they were found just a couple of hours ago. authorities tell us that the foster mother apparently had been awarded custody of the boy and proceedings were already in the works for the daughter. tonight the 7-year-old tyquan is with his foster mother, shaniah still with her biological mother. the state's attorneys office will decide if charges should be filed in this case. we now know the name of the 21-year-old arrested in connection with the two girls that disappeared over the weekend.
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ervin julius winfrey, charged with rape and sex offense and because of the charges we've made the decision to no longer say the names or show you the pictures of the 12 and 13-year-old victims. they disappeared sunday and were later reunited with their families. winfrey is set, his bail at $500,000. baltimore police are giving credit to patrol officers make what they call a large gun and drug bust. police have been focuses in on an area in east baltimore near 25th and bonaparte. they said they saw 11 people shot or killed in the area in the last year mostly because of gang and drug activity. authorities say in addition to specialized units they are getting patrol officers to be more involved in making the buforts. in the latest bust officers recovered a lot of drugs and five guns. you may be the next area caught on camera, howard county. the county executive announced he will try and move forward with implementing speed cameras in school zones. brian kuebler was on hand for
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the announcement, explains how the cameras will work if passed by the county council. >> reporter: in howard county there are three schools zones in a row here. the signs, not enough residents say to slow down drivers. >> this road literally is a serious accident slash fatality waiting to happen. we can't afford to wait that long. >> reporter: so it's at this media event in front of one elementary school where the county executive announced the cameras could be coming. literally measured decision he says based on his police department yearlong study. >> they've spent a considerable amount of time getting speed data from in front of every store in howard county so convince me this bill will in fact keep our children safe and make our neighborhoods safer. >> reporter: howard county
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says it found 66% of drivers caught over the posted speed limit in school zones. numbers police say that more than justify the program. >> we wanted to make sure it would enhance our safety efforts. we don't just start a program because the state says we can. we want to make sure it's addresses the problems. >> reporter: the legislation includes two mobile speed cameras, similar to the ones you see on the beltway, to combat the opposition's view that the cameras are acting just as a money grab county officials say they are true to the intent of the law and will only use the cameras in existing school zones. a bill already supported by some residents. >> someone's child could be taken away. but unfortunately unless we get the speed cameras that's what's going to happen. >> reporter: a point sure to be debated in the coming months. in ellicott city, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> howard county says the meras will not be used in
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construction zones. public hearings on the bill will start next month if passed they could be implemented coming up this fall. jewel -- you'll soon see more cameras in baltimore county as well. last month the county announced a proposal to announce an unlimited number of speed cameras to be set up. our hot topic. do you think speed cameras are about getting people oslow down or finding new ways to raise money for the local governments? or both? you can leave your comments now on facebook at yesterday, we took a walk in the park discussing outdoor dineing with the doggy. dining with your pooch, you chow down on pork. number four behind taxes and jobs, gas and jobs again. let's bring in roosevelt leftwich. why are they bringing this up now? >> reporter: the reason it's on the table now is because you're not sitting at a restaurant table these days.
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one of the first expenses many people cut back on in a bad economy, eating out. restaurant and bar owners want more options to attract business. >> yes to the restaurants. >> reporter: it's not about the dogs, it's about options. right now you can bring a dog in the rockfish grill patio -- can't bring a dog in the patio or any others for that matter. not a day goes by when someone doesn't want to bring in old rover. >> people want to be outside and have the dogs with them. it's a unique opportunity to give small businesses another tool if you will to bring some revenue. >> reporter: lawmakers heard from king and other bar and restaurant owners today who favor a mesh they're would allow dogs to accompany masters in outdoor feeding areas. the measure wouldn't mandate all bars and restaurants allow dogs. instead it would be up to the individual establishment whether or not to let dogs in or keep them out. it's not about the dogs, it's about money. >> our restaurant industry has been hit hard wiewt a job,
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without revenue or economic development. if this is the way to do it it doesn't cost anything. no investment required. it's a good deal. >> reporter: if approved the dogs would be limited to outdoor patios only. the dog owner would be liable for the pet. like rules at a dog park or any other place that allows dogs. giving restaurants a chance to create new business. >> i think it's an important tool that they can use right now. with revenues down, it could bring a revenue stream in that is not currently there right now. it's a great opportunity. it's up to the restaurant owner to make that decision. >> reporter: another big plus supporters say, it would help tourism. pet-friendly marketing is a growing area now. by allowing pets in outdoor restaurant areas it would create more options for tourists. the bill has the support of the state health department and maryland department of tourism. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> wyett just said "yappy
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hour." severalful you have voiced opinions about dogs. at outdoor restaurants. >> we'll have more hot topics coming up. supreme court upheld the rights of protesters to sound off in military funerals. a maryland congressman is pushing back. dutch ruppersberger is filing a bill to expand restrictions on protests held by members of the westboro baptist church. instead of a 300-foot limit the proposal would push protesters back 2,500 feet from the soldier's final. it would also keep them from
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picketing five hours before or after the service. >> these restrictions, if they had been in place during matthew snyder's funeral he could have been laid to rest peacefully and with the dignity he deserves. the people with signs would have been long gone before the funeral participants arrived and left for the service. >> shortly after snyder's funeral then president bush signed a bill into law making national cemeteries off-limits to protests. firefighters rescue people from homes, they are paid mostly but today two county employees, not firefighters were thanked for being just as courageous as baltimore's best. county executive kevin kamenetz honored gus weissenborn and cameron stone, held an elderly man escape in burning home last month. they saw the flames, jumped into action not worrying about themselves. >> we just did what we had to do at the time and didn't think of it.
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we just tried to help. >> the baltimore county fire department plans to honor gus and cameron later this month. outstanding work. changing weather expected for us tomorrow but through the day today not so bad. in fact we had great weather through the mid-part of the day. look at what we're watching, making its move for the east coast now. large system, you can see it out here to the west. and it will be steadily moving its way in. large area of low pressure on the move and that causing the national weather service to issue a flood watch for tomorrow evening and that's going to go right through the day on thursday. in the meantime, a decent evening, mid-40s now. baltimore to easton, 46. 47 dulles and 46 in winchester. a little cooler at the beach, 41. through the day tomorrow, 40s will be the story again, increasing clouds through the day and chance for a shower by 4:00, the heavier rain holds off until after the evening rush hour we believe, but any time after 8:00 it will be wet.
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we'll talk about how much rain we probably get from this, coming up. it's no secret, we have been hit hard, really hard when it comes to foreclosureses. you've seen the signs on your street or maybe even around the corner. congressman cummings held saturday's self help sessions but today a u.s. house committee came to town, talking about fraud and lender errors. governor o'malley says maryland is fighting to give homeowners here a fighting chance. >> adequate protections to homeowners. >> the state does have a foreclosure moratorium going on. this is meant to let judges get a chance to review the fine print and work out the mistakes that have been made. unless it's uncle frank calling to pay for your vacation think twice. the "scam alert" is about picking up your own tab for vacation this summer. joce sterman has more. who is cheating on their taxes? not just ripping off uncle sam for $5 or $10.
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we mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. we name names, next. >> looking forward to that. almost 50 at bwi marshall today. 51 is the average for part of early march. so nothing unusual there. the 2-degree guarantee was 50 so our 2-degree guarantee winner, oliver avery from owings mills. congratulations. you get a abc2 news storm umbrella. get your name to we'll be right back with the forecast.
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wouldn't it be great if someone offered to pay for a vacation for us? someone is. a new mailing many of you told us you have received. joce sterman has warnings about
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the offer that might make you waiver on the deal. >> reporter: with winter dragging on the idea of a tropical cruise sounds like heaven right now especially if someone offers it for free, that is what is happening in the baltimore area. at least lately. we heard from many of you during our scamiver sary, a mailing that you could get free cruise or airline tickets. just try the 1-800 number. we tried the number given to us by viewers but the person answering the line wouldn't even tell us which company was running the promotion, that raises a red flag. you should be careful because while experts say it's not a scam per se it's not exactly what it sounds like either. you will likely have to attend a travel presentation of some sort and pay fees and taxes to take the trip. so before you start using your imagination planning that dream vacation wake up and do your homework. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> for more information on this and other scams enter our web
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site at click on the money tab. then go to "scam alert." it's time to drop names. who are the 50 biggest tax cheats in our state? see if you know any of these people or businesses. peter franchot held the roll call today. they include captain harvey's restaurant in dundalk famous for its subs. owes $200,000. jack and marlene rubin who have a palm beach, florida, address, have a maryland tax bill of more than $4 million. steven hall from somerson road in baltimore owes $32,000. and rci holdings on president street downtownosis $300,000. find the 50 names, businesses and people at we'll post it on line after the show.
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let's look at the weather out to the west now. snow on the ground. out here at deep creek lake. this is the sky valley lodge, our hd weather bug camera there. capturing a decent day of weather in the western edge of the state. but man, it's still cold and they have the snow on the ground from earlier this week and last weekend. manchester today, northern carroll county, finding clearing early, then a few clouds late in the day. the day is getting longer. baltimore, partly cloudy this morning and sunshine through the middle part of the day. a few more clouds blow in as we begin to see the sunset tonight. how about a look at some of the conditions now at bwi marshall? 44 degrees, humidity 35%. and winds are at 6 now out of the east at 6 miles per hour. temperature-wise statewide, mid-40s now. today very seasonable day. low 50s, exactly where we would be statistically if you average the marches we tracked going back to the late 1800s.
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34 where we saw snow toward oakland. currently winds light out of the east but not a real big deal. just light breezes, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we've got five sweeps scanning the skies above, all clear. that will continue to be the case tonight. and probably through the first 2/3 of the day tomorrow. it's tomorrow afternoon when we could see a shower, especially tomorrow night we look for rain and it could be heavy and steady. flood watch up from the national weather service. this well ahead of schedule here so advanced warning, wednesday afternoon through the day on thursday, talking about flooding concerns for basically the eastern 2/3 of maryland including the baltimore area, including annapolis. does not include the southern tip of the state or lower delmarva. at least not yet. that could change as we go into the day tomorrow. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, let's check it out. mount vernon, i think you make upper 40s despite increasing clouds through the day. a little further east, just a
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tad warmer, down in talbot county, 50 or so. i think the rain will take a little later to get into the eastern areas, centreville look for about 48 with a day of changing weather, increasing clouds and rain due in late in the day. satellite and radar trend, right now just a few passing clouds. in fact we'll briefly see, actually clearer weather than we had this afternoon out there for the rest of the evening. then clouds are going to begin to filter in through the overnight hours. probably see very little sunshine in the early part of the day tomorrow. our next main storm will begin to push in out of the west. there is already developing, putting down rain in places like western tennessee, toward memphis getting rain, big storms through mississippi, snow firing up down in southern iowa. on the cold side of this storm. there will be snow across the upper midwest on the back side of this thing. in maryland we look for rain. how about the timing? futurecaster gives us that. 6:00 tomorrow evening rain begins to edge in into the state.
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i think the evening commute is ok. different story toward the morning commute thursday. looks like heavy rain, ponding water on the roads, give yourself extra time early thursday. then the whole ball of wax should begin to blow out by thursday evening. so 24-hour event beginning tomorrow night and ending thursday night. we cloud up again through the day tomorrow. a late-day shower possible especially to the west of baltimore. and then tomorrow night that is where the rain come in. gets heavy/steady and we'll have the flood watch, maybe even a flood warning from the national weather service. 7-day forecast, again, looking throughout here, finding rain on thursday. then as we go into friday, saturday, sunday, we dry out pushing up to 60 or so. for saturday. got to get through the big rainmaker thursday. i got a question. kc from catonsville just sent me a message. what kind of music does wyett everhart like? >> the edgy stuff. like harder alternative.
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leakin park bands, stuff like that. >> we'll see. every news time at 6:00 we run this -- we have a nice one today. if you love the music, look what we found. let's go to keith urban radio now. you can hear all the music here. that comes with some restrictions. you can't go through 500 songs in five minutes but in you like something, you keep playing it, it'sal it's -- all free. eminem. get out of that real quick. yo-yoma. let's listen to that. the baltimore symphony orchestra. this is an app you can get. pandora, i know you love it. it's free. isn't that great? you can also critiques on here, too, if you like certain music. if you have a great app like this let us know, send a message to
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you know, there are thousands of apps out there. you know that. as we've shown they can be fun but you have to be smart. some contain viruses that can steal your personal information. most aimed at the android, in fact google deleted all the infected apps on peoples' phones just last week. one thing that may raise a red flag, if the app is activating the gps and 3g network when it shouldn't. for example, you would not need that for a game and shouldn't connect to the internet. you should always check the permissions requested by the app before downloading it. >> it's a crossword puzzle it doesn't mean access to my store or to my contacts -- probably not. if it's requesting that maybe you should not be downloading the application. ? paying attention to user reviews can also help you avoid suspect applications. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] what if you could combine
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what was the high today? >> high, we almost got to 50 at the airport. a few spots were close.
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not quite. here's the deal -- into the day tomorrow. we're going to change it up a +++
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